Have an idea? Bring it to Scholz Nonprofit Law so you can receive the best strategic advice from the very beginning. We can help you develop your idea, structure your organization, and help connect you to other partners.


Develop your idea.

You have a core cause or identified a problem in your community that you want to solve.  What are the next steps? How will your organization be most effective? How will you be funded? What are your short-term or long-term goals? Let Scholz Nonprofit Law help you from the beginning to develop the most legally cohesive and successful organization possible.

Design the social enterprise.

There are so many different ways to make good things happen and be part of a “social enterprise.”  Increasingly, people who want to improve our world (we like to call them “social entrepreneurs”) are considering new and innovative organizational structures.  We advise on the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional charitable organization versus a simple limited liability company or a hybrid approach. See Tax.

Bring it to life.

Work with us to structure your organization or your project.  What do you require? From articles of incorporation, bylaws, and tax-exemption, to Board and staff structure – Scholz Nonprofit Law will develop strategies and execute the necessary documents to bring your ideas to life. See Corporate.

Make connections.

We understand how social enterprises thrive through connections. Scholz Nonprofit Law can help you make connections and forge partnerships vital to your work.  From identifying sources of financial support, to connecting like-minded organizations for symbiotic partnerships – we want to help develop your organization to ensure long-term success. See Fundraising.

Establish and grow.

From here, work with Scholz Nonprofit Law to ensure legal compliance, make day-to-day operations as smooth as possible, and strategically develop plans to advance your organization and its cause.  Let us bring our years of expertise to help you reach your goals. See Operations.

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