With Election Day coming up on November 8th, I want to make sure you know the ways 501c3 organizations can be involved in helping people to vote. That’s not “political” or lobbying– just straight-up education and charitable work to ensure that everyone has a voice in our democracy and the election is robust, fair, and serves the public interest.

501c3s can educate and facilitate voter registration

  • Ask your program participants if they’re registered to vote and give them information
  • Help them get registered online or with the paper form
  • Explain the documentation that is needed to register and to vote
  • Here’s a list of acceptable Proof of Residency documents for WI
    Here’s a list of IDs that can be used to vote in WI
  • Provide info on getting a State ID in WI
  • Read here about getting a State ID

All of these activities are acceptable for a 501c3. The key is to give this information to all of your participants and not prioritize based on political views. And, of course, you can’t tell them how they should vote, but you can provide information on the candidates.

Key Dates for Wisconsin

Deadline: Wednesday, October 19, 2022
BY MAIL (POSTMARKED): Wednesday, October 19, 2022
IN PERSON: Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Or at:
Vote Early Sites between October 25 – November 4, 2022 at these locations (for Madison only)


501c3s can host debate parties. You can also share information on the issues published by other 501c3s. Educate your constituents about issues and help them find information but don’t tell them who to vote for.

Voting Day

Give your staff time off to vote or volunteer at the polls!
Or they can work the polls by signing up here.
Help find polling sites here.


There are limits. 501c3s are strictly prohibited from directly or indirectly supporting or opposing a candidate. But there are many ways to promote your values and educate on the issues without crossing that line.

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