About Scholz Nonprofit Law

Scholz Nonprofit Law serves the needs of nonprofits, businesses and social entrepreneurs by providing practical legal and strategic advice. We help clients do what they do best – whether that involves creating jobs, changing policy, building places to live or gather, funding an opportunity or advancing a new idea.

We offer the services you would expect from a corporate attorney, including business, tax, employment and real estate law advice. We pride ourselves on the practical perspective we apply to our clients’ issues: we focus on solving problems, finding opportunities for collaboration when possible, and supporting creative, risk-taking entrepreneurs who make our world a better place.

Scholz Nonprofit Law offers big firm talent at small firm prices. We have many years of experience on complex issues, but we also understand the financial constraints of the nonprofit sector and start-up initiatives. We strive to provide quality, efficient service, while also teaching clients to understand the issues and options for self-help. We are happy to provide whatever level of service is appropriate for each client and each situation. We tailor our work to the specific needs and subtleties of the nonprofit sector and social entrepreneur.