Getting the vaccine does NOT mean you have to take hours off work to travel to, wait for, receive and recover from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ask your employer about paid time off for receiving and recovering from the COVID-19 vaccine. Even if you already receive paid time off through employment, Employers with less than 500 employees can provide paid sick leave to their employees at NO COST to the organization.

The paid leave for employees is up to $511 per day (based on employee’s standard wage) for up to 10 days from now through September 30, 2021.

To provide your employer more information, have them visit this fact sheet through the IRS website.

Encourage them to make this leave available to you and other employees at your place of work so that we can reach herd immunity!


Employers can fully recover paid sick leave to employees receiving or recovering from the COVID-19 vaccine with the following terms:

  • Any business including tax-exempt organizations with fewer than 500 employees
  • Maximum leave = 10 work days (or 80 hours) per employee
  • Maximum pay is $511 (based on employee’s standard wage)per day of sick leave
  • Anytime between April 1 and September 30, 2021
  • Claim as refundable tax credits against employer withholding
  • Talk with your payroll preparer about how to identify these paid leave hours and about which way you would like to receive the costs of the paid leave:
    • Concurrently: Reducing the amount of withholding tax your organization currently pays;
    • Within 2 weeks: Filing a Form 7200 to receive an advance on the refund within 10 days; or
    • Within a few months: Claim on your quarterly Form 941 and receive a refund shortly after the end of the quarter

Lower the barrier for your employees at no cost to your business. For additional information, visit this fact sheet on the IRS website.

For more information, join us for a webinar co-hosted with the Madison Black Chamber on Tuesday, April 27th at 4 pm. Register here.