An indispensable element to a strong & stable work force

Performance reviews are the employment equivalent of annual physical exams. Many dread them. While some schedule one each year, others avoid them until and unless problems arise that cannot go ignored. When used properly, performance reviews are excellent investments in staff and an organization. From a legal perspective, you are in a much stronger place to make decisions about promotion, compensation, and continuation of employment when you have provided and received input throughout the employment period.

Performance reviews should be an ongoing process. Feedback—positive and negative—should be a continuous, real-time practice in employment relationships offered without judgment, but with reflection and constructive suggestions.

The point is not negative feedback. If the employee’s work or behavior needs correction, this should be dealt with as soon as possible, as part of the ongoing process. Ideally, a review is a time to check in on progress of an already discussed issue and should not be a time to introduce problems. However, if there are ongoing performance issues, those should be presented clearly and documented.

Performance reviews should be a two-way dialogue for reflection and goalsetting. This IS the right time to share available opportunities for staff and highlight what makes the individual an asset or could make them more of an asset if there are performance issues. It is also the time for employees to share new challenges they wish to pursue. Employees should feel invited to share their most and least pleasant job duties. Together, this discussion should form the basis of a plan that can be a measure to review at future performance reviews.

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