Dear colleagues:

I’ll be honest. November has been a tough month. I was thrilled when the short Thanksgiving workweek arrived and I could retreat to my home and family – – cooking and cleaning never looked so good. I’ve indeed enjoyed a few days at home, with my two older daughters home from college. As we celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, we stayed focused on all we have to be grateful for and, mostly, avoided the discouraging topic of politics, which has become so divisive. With a little breathing space, I took time to read the recent New Yorker interview of President Obama that took place after the election. It inspired me to re-focus on the work we do at Scholz Nonprofit Law and the privilege we have of working with all of you.

In President Obama’s words:

This is not mathematics; this is biology and chemistry. These are living organisms, and it’s messy. And your job as a citizen and as a decent human being is to constantly affirm and lift up and fight for treating people with kindness and respect and understanding. And you should anticipate that at any given moment there’s going to be flare ups of bigotry that you have to confront, or may be inside you and you have to vanquish. And it doesn’t stop . . . You don’t get into a fetal position about it. You don’t start worrying about apocalypse. You, say, O.K., where are the places where I can push to keep it moving forward.

David Remnick, “Obama Reckons with a Trump Presidency,” The New Yorker, November 28, 2016.

At Scholz Nonprofit Law, we are committed to moving it forward. More than ever, the work of people like you is critical – from the most local neighborhood efforts to international policy initiatives. From work developing human potential, to meeting basic needs, enlightening people with the arts, or changing policy on the environment or civil rights, it all matters and Scholz Nonprofit Law is honored to be your partner.

Thank you for all you do.

With gratitude and best wishes for the holidays and the New Year!