Meet our new associate attorney, West Foster

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Dear clients, friends, and Wisconsin nonprofit community, We are excited to introduce our new associate attorney, West Foster. West joined us this May after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Law School. Prior to joining Scholz Nonprofit Law, he interned for Chief Judge Peterson at the Federal District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin and worked at UW’s Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic, where he provided free legal support to cooperatives, nonprofits, and small businesses. He brings to Scholz Nonprofit Law his passion for cooperatives and will expand the kinds of social enterprise that we support. On that [...]

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$1 Million Funding Opportunity from McKenzie Scott

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March 22, 2023 Yield Giving, McKenzie Scott’s philanthropic organization, is now accepting applications for $1 million grants. This funding opportunity is for “community-led, community-focused organizations whose explicit purpose is to advance the voices and opportunities of individuals and families of meager or modest means, and groups who have met with discrimination and other systemic obstacles.” Any nonprofit in the United States that has had a $1 - $5 million operating budget for two of the last four fiscal years is eligible to apply. 250 nonprofits will be selected to receive one of the $1 million unrestricted awards, totaling to [...]

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Key tax filings and deadlines for 2023

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Dear Scholz Nonprofit Law clients, current and past, and friends in the community: Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. We greatly appreciate the contributions you make in the community and the trust you place in us to assist you. We look forward to being able to serve you in 2023. May the year ahead be a productive, effective, and fulfilling year for all of you! With this email, we want to remind our readers that all nonprofits have an obligation to submit various reports to the IRS and to the state each year. Below is an [...]

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Repeal of the Johnson Amendment

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I frequently like to remind our 501(c)(3) clients about the importance of advocating on their issues through lobbying and the legitimacy of their role in doing so. But when we encourage lobbying, we point out the distinction between lobbying on issues and the prohibition on political activity. The rule against political activity has been known as the Johnson Amendment because it was added to the tax code under his administration. As you likely know, President Trump has proposed to eliminate that distinction and allow all 501(c)(3)s to engage in electoral politics - - i.e., support or oppose a candidate [...]

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Advocacy: Standing up for your Issues

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In the wake of the election, many organizations may be more motivated than ever to advocate for their beneficiaries. Advocacy is an important tool for 501(c)(3) organizations and should not be overlooked! Here are the basics on the federal and Wisconsin rules that apply to advocacy for 501(c)(3) organizations. Federal rules allow 501(c)(3) “public charities” to participate in many different kinds of advocacy, ranging from educating on the issues to actual lobbying. Advocacy, such as educating policymakers and the public about broad social issues, is unrestricted and unlimited for 501(c)(3) public charities. Advocacy becomes “lobbying” when it is connected [...]

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Form 990 Deadline is Approaching!

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It's that time of year again! Don’t forget to file your nonprofit organization’s “annual information return,” or Form 990. All tax-exempt organizations (including 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, and 501(c)(6)s) must file a version of the Form 990 with the IRS.  For many small organizations, it is a simple 5-10 minute process to file the "Form 990-N." You should be aware that if you do not file a 990 in 2015 and also did not file one in 2014 and 2013, your organization will lose its tax-exempt status and you will have to reapply with another application and filing fee. Filing FAQ's [...]

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501(c)(3) or 509(a)? Your public charity is both.

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Today is the Big Share! Don’t miss the opportunity to support 70 local nonprofits dedicated to building a fair, just community and protecting the environment through this Community Shares of Wisconsin online giving event: Thanks to Community Shares and their Big Share partner, Madison Community Foundation, for hosting this event to support the important work of these organizations. And there will be another big share (of information) this week at the annual Wisconsin Nonprofit Association Conference: , which is taking place in Madison on Thursday. With today’s focus on charitable donations to 501(c)(3) organizations, I want to [...]

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